Please note: these are some tips before contacting me

If you're looking for the cheapest solution
I do not compete on price rather than the quality of the product, if so, I am not your guy and you better find someone else; also here is a tool that might help you estimate the cost of your solution.

You have a great business idea and you’re looking for technical partner
If you’re looking for someone to handle the technical stuff for your idea with no fees BUT to become a partner with you in your business and gain benefits later on when the business profit! Well, the success of any business depends on management and marketing more than technical reliability; so, thanks but I have no interest in such business model, unless you think your offer is different, then I am all ears!

If you’re student or a web fellow and you have questions
You know, I might drop or delay work for you, I’ll happily help; please do not hesitate to contact me

If you think my website could use some expert SEO or digital marketing
Thanks, but I am not interested in having any.

Are you planning a fishing trip?
Here? In Khartoum? Please count me in!

I am very glad I gained your trust; if you’re looking for someone to transfer your vision of any kind of web services into a living form, or you need consultation of the same kind; please email me on

I do prefer emails for the first contact; but of course you’re welcome to call me on 00249912171659 from 11am to 6pm any day except Fridays. also, I have WhatsApp installed in the same number.