How much your solution might cost? Approximately

It’s a good thing to know how much you are going to invest in your website, right?. This is a handy website cost estimation tool.. it won’t take you more than a minute.

Please note: estimates can vary greatly depending on how you decide to execute on a feature set and what your goal with the end solution is.

How many pages will you need?
ie. how it works, contact us, team, about, press, terms, FAQ, hiring

* you must choose from How many pages to activate Functionality calculation


  • Do people have to log in?
  • Does your website need search?
  • Do you need a Content Management System (CMS)?
  • Will you be selling/promoting products through the website?
  • Do you want a custom website design?
  • Need it search engine optimised (SEO)?
  • Need it mobile/smartphone responsive?
  • can user review/rate some things in your website?
  • Social media intergaration prove?
  • do want to monitor the stats of your website?
  • Do users have forums?
  • Are planning to have Photo Gallery
  • Blog?
  • News/Articles Section?
  • Portfolio?
  • FAQs, online contact/enquery?
  • Events Calendar?
  • multilingual website?

How are you getting these numbers?

These estimates are based on my personal past projects. It isn’t necessarily specific to how much it costs to work with another freelancer or company, It’s more meant to be averages for a high quality final solution.