An open-source PHP recruitments system, written with Laravel 4, system contains login module for both admin/recruiter and applicants with registration module, applicants have dashboard with their full profile page, vacancies panel where they can apply and track their applicant status. Admin panel where they can post/edit jobs and track each job’s applicants with one click status update, filter and view applicants uploaded resume or system generated resume.


Careers/Recruitment management system written in PHP with Laravel 4 MVC and Bootstrap. Where job seekers can create full profile and view current open jobs, apply for it, and view their application status for each job.

Administrator/recreutor can add/edit jobs, view applicants for each job, filter and search for key words, view applicant system generated profile or download uploaded resume. Change their application status in one click.

System email notify applicants for new job post in a specific job category where they already subscribed to, and for their applicantion status change.

Toadcareers includes

  • Login and registration
  • Job seeker dashboard of:
    • Personal information
    • Education
    • Experience
    • Achievments
    • Courses
    • certifications
    • skills
    • languages
  • Administrator/recreutor panel
    • post new job
    • filter and search applicant for job
    • change applicant status


  • Apache, Nginx, or Microsoft IIS
  • PHP 5.4 or higher
  • MySQL 5.6 or higher, for im using Full-text index in search module


create the database and configure it in app/config/database.php

In Artisan run

Php artisan migrate


Php artisan db:seed

Or import \ToadCareers.sql file.

After database creating and seeding there will be two default users:

Admin user: with password: demo.

Job seeker account login: with password: demo

Email configuration

Navigate to app/config/mail.php

To customize email template; navigate to app/view/emails


MIT, free open source application. Have fun!